Why I stopped drinking coffee for 2 years

I am drinking a coffee today and here’s a thought why I don’t drink coffee for the past 2 years.

I’m a coffee lover back then when I was a college student but after I graduated I stopped drinking. It because I can’t sleep at night and my heart palpitate and I can’t control it! I need coffee to concentrate in my school works back then and it really helps so my brain can function well. And now I remember my thesis days, I love nights than days when doing something. It just like my brain is more creative in the night, maybe because it’s so peaceful. Doing your work while listening to your favorite music is one of my favorite scene at night. Is it sound weird? And I can’t believe that I finished my thesis on my own, it’s a multitasking because I am programming a mobile application while documenting it. Thank you lord for your guidance!

Anyways, the coffee that I am drinking right now is a large one and I miss the smell and taste of it. Thanks to our manager!

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