Why I blog?

I’m blogging since college, I started it when I was in my first year in college in tumblr.com because it’s free and it’s easy to use. By the way, that’s why I am obsessed in web designing because of it. When I was in third year college, I got 100% in our web designing activity and I’m so happy that time because I didn’t expect that to happen. All I want is to create a design, my own design that makes me happy. It makes me feel good every time I create a design and it’s working 😅.

Here is my sample web design about Paramore because I love this band since high school.

Why I blog?

Because this is my way of expressing my thoughts, what’s on my mind when I can’t explain it to anyone and they are free to judge me here. I’m not good in explaining it personally, I don’t like to voice out because sometimes my problems makes me cry in front of people. I don’t want them to think that I am just overreacting because I’m not, If I cry because I’m in pain and I can’t handle it anymore.

Posting here is okay, as long that I am happy with it. If I am sad or something popped-up in my mind, I will post it here. So if you want to express yourself you can make your own blog. WordPress is free too, I also created a WordPress but I forgot my account there now.  Well….I hope it makes sense to you what I am saying here in my blog or my personal blog actually.



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