Baguio 2019

Sharing with you my first time in Baguio last October 26 and 27 2019! 🙂

Baguio City, is a city in the mountainous area of the Northern LuzonPhilippines. It is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, owing to its cool climate since the city is located approximately 4,810 feet (1,470 meters) above mean sea level, often cited as 1,540 meters (5,050 feet) in the Luzon tropical pine forests ecoregion, which also makes it conducive for the growth of mossy plants, orchids and pine trees, to which it attributes its other moniker as the “City of Pines”. (Source:

How to go in Baguio City?

When we decided to go in Baguio  the first thing we did is to do a DIY but it ends in a Travel and Tours agency that cost only 1,200 pesos/pax for 2 days and 1 night. We’re just three at first but some of our co-workers wanted to go there too so we are now a group of 14 that rented the van. We’re all from Cavite and our pick-up point is in MOA  at exactly 12:30 in the midnight we leave the place.

If you want to do a DIY and you’re from the South, take a bus in PITX direct to Baguio City.

At 7am we already arrived in Baguio City and eat breakfast at 8am.

We go first in PMA (Philippine Military Academy) which is one of the most tourist spot in the City.


After PMA we headed to Mines View and  I didn’t take any photos in there. But I have a photo of strawberry taho.



And we ate lunch in Rancho near at The Mansion and Wright Park. I don’t have again a photo in Rancho where we ate lunch! Lol.


We chilled out in Session Road at night then go to Night Market. I don’t have photos again! haha.

But here are some photos of our second day in Baguio.

Thank you Mam Eda for taking my solo pictures! You’re the best!