Sizzling Tofu

Hello! Here I will share to you on how to make a simple sizzling tofu 🙂


10 pcs. tofu

1  sachet of 90gm mamasita oyster sauce

1 sachet of 90ml lady’s choice mayonnaise

green finger pepper(siling green/haba)


minced 2 cloves of garlic

powdered black pepper

4 table spoon of sugar

magic sarap or salt

2 cups of frying oil



Mix the oyster sauce and mayonnaise together with the sugar and powdered black pepper. Set aside.

  1. First, cut tofu into cubes, garlic, onions and green finger pepper.
  2. After slicing the tofu, put some magic sarap or salt and set aside for 10minutes. Note: I always use magic sarap to put some flavor in my tofu, I didn’t try the salt yet but I think you can still use it as a flavor but just a little bit of it so it won’t taste salty.
  3. Heat oil into the pan and fry the tofu.
  4. After frying the tofu, saute the minced garlic, onion and green finger pepper into the pan then put the sauce. After mixing for 2 minutes put the fried tofu and mix it again for 3 minutes only.
  5. Ready to serve! for the best serve, use sizzling plate 🙂

Happy eating! 🙂