Personal Thoughts


She loved you, trust me she did.

You were everywhere, in her prayers and in her every wish.
You were everything for her until you decided to break her heart.
She was shattered but even with all the pieces you broke her into,
she loved you with all her strength.
She wasn’t perfect, part of her radiated on her smile. She waited for you,
but everyday she woke up to find you gone, part her faded.
She cried so many nights, she wept even in crowds.
Your smile haunted her when she tried to live without you.
You were everywhere, in all sad songs and sleepless nights.
She didn’t give up on you even she was tired of justifying your actions.
She hold on, she forgive your actions and words to her, but you stabbed her heart mercilessly.
She gave excuses when you wronged her. You broke her even after she tamed your raging storms and accepted all your flaws.
She loved you for who you are, she understand what you’re going through.
She’s pushing herself to make her dreams come true, but you gave up because you can’t see her anymore.
She’s sorry because she can’t tell how she really feel for you. She’s just afraid to lose you but now it’s too late to fight for you.
You end it up too soon without trying to take a risk
How many days, weeks, months or years she will be broken?
I hope she find her ways how to start again.

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