Maybe There’s No Such Thing As Wrong Timing, Just People Who Don’t Want To Try

‘Timing’ is now the main reason or the main excuse relationships end, dates suddenly stop and why people eventually ghost others.

We use it all the time and we hear it all the time but what exactly is ‘good timing?’ Because I’ve never lived a time when everything seemed right, when everything just perfectly fell into place, when everything was easy and smooth for me to be ready for the perfect love story.

Timing is always messy. Timing is always imperfect. Timing is inconsistent. It won’t be good all the time nor will it be bad all the time either.

But maybe there’s no such thing as ‘wrong timing,’ maybe just the wrong people. Maybe we use timing when we’re not sure of our feelings or when we don’t want to take someone else on a journey with us and end up dropping them in the middle of the desert.

And maybe we use timing when we’re scared to confront ourselves, our feelings and let someone else in or let them see what we’ve been trying to hide from the world.

But the truth is, some people make the timing right, they make the distance closer, they make the journey safer. They make the hard times easier and they make themselves ready.

They make the timing right when they meet the person that intrigues them, the person that makes them smile, the person that makes them believe again, trust again and slowly love again. They know that the conditions will never be perfect to get to know someone or be in a relationship because there will always be something standing in the way but they also know that there is always a way to make it work. There is always a way to find a balance. To meet halfway. To compromise.

They make timing one less thing to worry about. They make you feel like timing is insignificant when it comes to you.

Because when someone tells you that the timing is wrong, what they’re really saying is it’s wrong and I don’t want to try to make it right.

They’re really saying it’s hard now and I don’t want to try to make it any easier. They’re pretty much giving up before even trying.

Maybe there’s no such thing as wrong timing, just wrong people who don’t want to try to make the timing right, because timing is pretty much like life, it doesn’t really favor those who are ready, it favors those who try whether the timing is right or wrong, whether they’re entirely ready or not.  

By Rania Naim

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