Been busy these past few days and I’m liking it a lot ๐Ÿ˜… because I’m only focusing on what I am doing. Proofread, update, record, editing some videos and photos when doing nothing. And I know I need it too because this is the way to forget him sometimes. I need to travel more, do outdoor activities, treat myself with some delicious foods and meet new people in my life but choose wisely who you can trust with.

Trust.ย For me now I can’t trust anyone. Because sometimes people don’t belong to people. It’s hard, trust me it’s really hard to trust again. Maybe if someone’s going to know me, it will be so hard for them to gain my trust. But we should only trust on god’s will for us. If these are one of his plans again to feel this pain then it means better is coming in your way and there will be changes in your life. All you have to do is trust his will, have faith on him and always be thankful of what you are having right now.

It’s okay to feel pain, pain is good.ย Okay, if you already watched Stranger Things 3 in Netflix, it’s one of Hoppers line on his letter for El and Mike. Here’s my thought about it. It’s really okay to feel pain but please don’t let it eat you. Don’t let your sadness win, help yourself with god. Pray even if it hurts you, pray even life is so unfair, pray because he loves you. Someday, the pain will make you more stronger, the pain will be a lesson in life. Don’t lose hope, because god never did lose hope in you. He knows that you will survive this.

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of life, thank you for waking me up everyday reminding me that I have purpose in life. Thank you for accepting me when no one does, thank you for loving me unconditionally even me myself can’t understand it. Thank you for the pain, thank you for the temporary happiness, thank you for the mistakes, thank you for the lessons. Thank you for your touch, wiping my tears at night and feel your warmth when I feel cold. I know someday I will see the purpose of these pain, angry, self-blaming and denial feelings.ย  Help me to accept the reality of this pain I am having right now. Help me to touch the sky while kneeling in you. Help me to love myself and to love you even more before I love someone else. Lord have your way in me.ย 

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